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Business Coach, Global Speaker,

Influential Collaborator

The Coach

Executive Coach. Author. Philanthropist. Investor. Entrepreneur. Talk Show Host 

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"Sound Business Coaching and Consulting that empowers you to become more successful, increase your finances and to fulfilling your destiny."


If you love the teachings, you will love the books!

Walk Powerful At Zero

This is an exciting and thought provoking women's group study guide to help women own their power spiritually. The tools, tips and teachings will stretch your thought process, build community and relationship with others. The teachings are designed to be shared between 3 - 12 member groups.

Woman Act Now

Dream BIG! Believe you can do it! Execute your ideas and succeed!

Woman, Act Now teaches you how to: Manage your confidence; Identify your inner strengths; Develop personal branding; Get specific about your vision; Increase your effectiveness in achieving your goals; Learn how to be a woman of execution, accountability, and purpose. 

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