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Case Study

Buffalo infill project aligns city partnership, revitalizes neighborhood with strategic branding.


Our Role:
Strategic Communication and Branding Consultant

Project Overview:
Embarked on an ambitious infill development project in Buffalo, the goal was to rejuvenate a neighborhood through innovative architectural designs and initiatives centered on community engagement. The challenge was to effectively convey the project's vision to city officials and stakeholders, necessitating a strategic approach encompassing proposal writing, development documentation, branding, and localized research.

Strategic Approach and Deliverables:

1. Comprehensive Local Research and Strategic Content Creation: Undertook thorough analysis of Buffalo to inform compelling proposal letters and visionary development documentation.

2. Cohesive Branding and Communication Strategy: Formulated a unified branding strategy, creating a logo and presentation decks to clearly communicate the project's vision. Provided creative direction for the visual identity and oversight of the creative team to ensure consistency and impact.

3. Collaborative Design and Planning: Ensured alignment among architects, builders, and designers, making certain the architectural designs and streetscape plans reflected the project's overarching vision.

4. Effective Stakeholder Engagement: Utilized strategic communication to effectively engage stakeholders showcasing the project's benefits to gain necessary endorsements.

Execution and Impact:
The project was meticulously executed, from conducting in-depth localized research to developing strategic content and branding materials. Collaboration among diverse project teams was key, ensuring the initiative's architectural and design plans were in alignment with the established branding and communication strategy. This holistic approach facilitated impactful stakeholder engagement and advanced the project through crucial approval phases.

Key Achievements:
1.Enabled the developers to gain favor and access, advancing toward a public-private partnership with the city of Buffalo.

2. Crafted a compelling narrative and visual identity with direct creative direction and team oversight that enabled real estate developer to present vision to stakeholders and city officials, .

3. Completed a visual deck of streetscape for presentation to city and stakeholders, including walkthrough animation, ensuring a vivid representation of the project's potential impact.

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