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Case Study

Texas county employees engage in racial equity dialogue over six sessions.


Position Held:
Event Coordinator and Facilitator for Organizational Development Initiatives

Project Overview:
The "Standing Together" initiative was a series of six virtual town hall meetings and training sessions designed specifically for employees of a Texas county, ranging from various county leaders and managers to frontline employees. This comprehensive program aimed to foster discussions on racial equity, cultural intelligence, and community influence among over 120 leaders, indirectly impacting the county's 4,500 employees. The sessions were structured to facilitate deep dialogue, share experiences, and develop actionable strategies for enhancing racial understanding and equity within the workplace.

Strategic Approach and Deliverables:

Tailored Agenda Development and Strategic Planning: Developed a series of agendas that addressed the unique needs and perspectives of county employees, focusing on racial equity, cultural intelligence, and actionable community engagement strategies.
Dynamic Engagement and Participation Strategies: Implemented interactive formats including open forums, personal storytelling, and breakout discussions to encourage active participation and foster a supportive learning environment across all levels of county employment.
Resourceful Content and Discussion Material Preparation: Curated engaging educational content, including videos and discussion guides, tailored to spark meaningful conversations and insights on racial diversity and equity.
Implementation of Actionable Strategies for Organizational Change: Guided participants towards identifying and committing to practical steps that county leaders and employees can take to promote racial equity and understanding within their departments and teams.
Execution and Impact:
The series successfully kicked off with comprehensive introductions, setting the stage for a sequence of engaging and insightful sessions. Through testimonials, video discussions, and guided breakout activities, participants explored various aspects of racial equity and cultural intelligence. These sessions not only facilitated personal reflection and dialogue but also emphasized the development of practical strategies for enhancing equity and understanding within the county's workforce.

Key Achievements:

Facilitated a series of six town hall meetings and training sessions that engaged over 120 leaders and indirectly reached 4,500 county employees, promoting racial equity dialogue and training.
Delivered a targeted and interactive program that combined personal storytelling, educational video content, and strategic breakout sessions to deepen understanding and commitment to racial equity.
Developed and shared actionable strategies for enhancing cultural intelligence and racial equity, encouraging leaders and employees to implement these practices within their teams and departments.
Fostered a culture of open dialogue, reflection, and proactive engagement in racial equity initiatives, contributing to the organizational development and community engagement goals of the Texas county.

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