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Case Study

MTR Foundation enhances fundraising with strategic vision and branding alignment.


Position Held:
Branding and Strategic Vision Consultant

Project Overview:
The MTR Foundation embarked on an initiative to enhance its fundraising efforts by aligning its strategic focus with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project involved creating a compelling pitch deck and developing a website ( to showcase the foundation's commitment to eradicating homelessness among children and supporting humanitarian projects.

Strategic Approach and Deliverables:

Strategic Vision Alignment: Developed a strategic vision that aligns with SDGs, emphasizing the foundation's commitment to sectors like energy technology, agribusiness, health, and education for long-term impact.

Branding and Pitch Deck Creation: Crafted a pitch deck highlighting the foundation's mission, vision, and strategic program focuses, each designed to address specific SDGs and showcase the foundation's holistic approach.

Website Development: Spearheaded development, ensuring it communicated the foundation's goals, impact, and engagement opportunities with potential donors and partners.

Execution and Impact:
The strategic vision and branding were successfully redefined, resulting in a compelling narrative for the foundation. The pitch deck and website effectively communicated the foundation's SDG alignment and commitment to impactful investments, engaging potential donors and partners, enhancing fundraising efforts, and expanding social impact.

Key Achievements:
Developed branding heart, tagline and content copy, media, visual identity.
Developed strategic vision and branding aligned with SDGs, amplifying appeal to global donors.
Created a comprehensive pitch deck showcasing each foundation program's strategic focus, facilitating clear goal and impact communication.
Launched an engaging website as a central platform for fundraising and awareness efforts.

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