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Case Study

Facilitating Frito-Lay's team brand identity development in a 15-day sprint.


Lead Facilitator, Coach, and Brand Strategist and Visual Identity Agile Team

Project Overview:
Engaged by PepsiCo's snack division, Frito-Lay, we were  tasked with leading the brand identity development for two critical internal teams: the Distribution Regional Team and the Warehouse Regional Team. The mission was to establish a comprehensive brand identity that included purpose, mission, vision, values, tagline, and visual representation. Both teams, newly organized under fresh leadership, aimed to forge a cohesive brand identity to bolster team unity and guide their decision-making. The challenge lay in aligning the diverse perspectives within the teams, which included a senior vice President of an 800-member division and two groups of 25 regional and local management team leaders, to cultivate a shared sense of purpose and values.

Strategic Approach and Deliverables:

1. Integrated Brand Strategy Development:
Our team provided brand consulting to create a strategic direction that allowed both the Distribution and Warehouse Regional Teams to align their unique roles within Frito-Lay's broader brand identity. This facilitated a unified brand narrative that integrated individual team perspectives.

2. Mission and Vision Framework:
We spearheaded the development of mission and vision statements for both teams, ensuring these elements were distinct yet cohesive. This was crucial for defining their collective aspirations and principles, promoting a unified direction and purpose.

3. Strategic Marketing Communications Planning:
We managed the strategic planning of marketing communications to align with the newly defined brand identity, ensuring consistency and coherence in how internal and external messaging conveyed the brand ethos.

4. Visual Identity and Branding Elements:
Guided both teams through the process of developing a visual identity, including the selection of logos, brand tone, brand pillars and messaging. This phase was pivotal in ensuring the visual elements accurately reflected Frito-Lay's consolidated brand ethos, fostering a sense of pride and ownership among team members.

Execution and Impact:
The project was executed over a two-day virtual brainstorming session designed to engage team members in developing their brand identity collaboratively. The first day focused on the creation of mission, vision, and values, using various brainstorming methods to encourage active participation. The subsequent day was dedicated to finalizing the brand's tone, messaging, personality, and visual identity, with team members playing a critical role in these decisions. This ensured the brand accurately embodied their collective vision. Working closely with the team leads, we aligned the final brand identity with their expectations, successfully completing the project within a 15-day timeframe for both teams.

Key Achievements:

Effectively articulated and adopted a unified purpose, mission, vision, and values for both the Distribution and Warehouse Regional Teams within PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division.

Developed a cohesive visual identity that resonated with both teams, ensuring it seamlessly integrated with Frito-Lay's internal marketing strategies.

Cultivated a strong sense of pride and ownership within the teams, significantly enhancing their commitment to the shared brand identity and values.

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