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Anna Live | Anna McCoy with Nathan Townsie Creator of A Natural Skincare Treatment

Anna McCoy highlights #NatureLovesYouSkinCare, an all-natural skin care company on #AnnaLive

Every Friday @10am, The Anna Live Show creates a special platform on Facebook Live to showcase today’s rising entrepreneurs. We bring their hard-earned lessons to you, to help you along your journey and rise to the next level of success.

Rarely does the entrepreneurial journey follow a straight line. This rings true for Nathan Townsie, a schoolteacher and first-time father, who increasingly became frustrated with today’s skincare options available for himself and his baby. While modern medicine has its place and has done mankind a great service, sometimes mainstream approaches don’t cut it. It’s not a “one size fits all” answer, and Nathan soon discovered this when nothing provided relief.

From Educator to Entrepreneur

What I love most about Nathan is that while being a math teacher for 18 years, what gave him the courage to get out of his “box” was witnessing his son’s suffering. “After researching skincare ingredients, I discovered that the majority of mainstream products contained unsafe, synthetic chemicals that were making my son’s rash worse.” He decided to come up with his own formula, which was organic, natural and multi-functional in purpose - and thus was born the blueprint of

The Four “S”: Science, Shaving, Skin and Suffering

Almost 35 million Americans suffer from eczema or related issues, and 70% of young folks may have it. “I don’t want others to suffer like me and feel like I am now doing what I’m supposed to do. As a first-time father I didn’t want to put harsh synthetics, additives or chemicals on my son. I also realized that I had to educate my consumers on skin care issues, like shaving.” Nathan shares some awesome advice for using his 4-in-1 shave oil for both men and women!

First, prep the skin with the greatest lubrication possible, use as few strokes as possible, shave close towards the grain (not against it), and use a hot towel to open the pores and allow the ingrown hair to grow out through the top layer of skin.

One of my goals on the Anna Live show is to show people how to create a business that thrives. For those of you who know that you want to help others solve their skin or other health problems, while exploring every opportunity to monetize it and create a business model that supports it – well, just go for it!

Nathan has graciously offered a special discount code which will give you 30% off products and free shipping: use LIVEANNA at checkout (


“The moisturizing rejuvenation serum is a miracle worker! Eczema will not heal if you keep scratching it. It stopped my itching and made my long-time eczema spot disappear!” – Zira Washington (Producer for Anna Live)

More about Coach Anna

On AnnaLive, we are committed to sharing these entrepreneurial stories and providing you coaching that supports you while fulfilling your destiny. Want to be on the show? submit your request @ We welcome entrepreneurs who can provide value with authentic stories that educate our subscribers.

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