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Anna McCoy highlights #DJLiteBrite93, an Entertainment BOSS on #AnnaLive

Every Friday @10am, The Anna Live Show creates a special platform on Facebook Live to showcase today’s rising entrepreneurs, so you can learn from their inspiring stories, their setbacks as well as their successes.

Anna interviewed DJ Lite Brite, otherwise known as Jalen Dorsey, the gentle giant from Frisco, Texas. This dope DJ, drops beats that draws huge crowds and carries people into their happy place with his finesse. Not only does dynamic DJ create an unforgettable experience for his audience, but also aspires to leverage every area of his influence in the entertainment world. DJ Lite Brite uses his talents to equip other artists to build their brand – and their empires – and uplift others in the process.

DJ LiteBrite’s Entrepreneurship

“When I was 17, I had my first DJ gig, and didn’t think much of it. I went to college and after a brief fling with engineering, realized that mass communications was my niche. At the time social media was taking off and I realized this was a great way to brand myself, and then the lightbulb went off! I saw how music brought different people together from all over the world, and that piqued my interest – and I decided, I’m going to bring out the most excitement in people.”

Today, this savvy entrepreneur not only has his signature DJ Lite Brite business, but another entity where he books other DJ’s, as well as a consulting business. And soon he’s launching into the world of real estate development. I love that the sky is the limit for this high-impact man!


One of my goals on the Anna Live show is to show young folks how to create a business that will thrive. For those of you who know that DJ’ing is your dream and your purpose, what is the next step for you? Connect and follow your favorite DJs, start like DJ Lite Brite with family and friends and #FollowYourDreams while exploring every opportunity to monetize it and create a business model that supports it.

Today’s DJ space has evolved into artistry. No longer is it someone who just spins records. The DJ is now the center of attention with music, voice, lights, and an ability to move the crowd. They are featured artist attracting huge followers on their names alone. DJ Lite Brite hopes are to join the ranks of other famous DJ artists, producers and celebrity personalities, such as Mark Ronson, DJ Kid Kapri, DJ Spinderella, Calvin Harris, Diplo, and DJ Khaled all who leverage their craft by appearing on TV, movies, and talk shows, and own multiple ventures.

DJ Lite Bright inspires youth

“What I’ve seen is that kids ages 7-12 love YouTube and SoundCloud and are always looking for the next new thing. Young students are up on who is playing what. I can help place them in a position where they bring value to their school (whether that’s by DJ’ing at the high school prom or some other school event). Meeting these young kids where they are, is what counts.”

Interested? Here are four ways to connect:

More about Coach Anna

On AnnaLive, we are committed to sharing these entrepreneurial stories and providing you coaching that supports you while fulfilling your destiny. Want to know more? Click here to see all of Anna’s interviews and blogs

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