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This week’s Anna Live highlights #AmbitionsOWN talented actress, Brely Evans

Every Friday @10am, Anna Live creates a special space on Facebook Live to showcase the efforts of everyday hardworking entrepreneurs. We bringing you their triumphant tears and woes me fears as well as their teachable setbacks, strategies and successes.

Brely Evans was our guest on Anna Live this past week. She is an actress, singer, comedian, producer, director, "curvy" model, and entrepreneur. However, what I grown to love mostly about Brely after sitting with her and researching her journey of well over 40 movies, sitcoms and commercials, is her energy, wit and her fantablous personality and beauty. She truly is a hidden jewel whose time has come.

Currently, Brely not only has three shows on three networks (#LastCall on BounceTV, #TheFamilyBusiness on BET, and the latest premiered this week, #Ambitions on OWN), but she has also worked side by side with numerous A-list celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Commons and the late Whitney Houston. She’s well-known for her roles in the Man in 3B, Being Mary Jane, Just Wright and Sparkle.

Brely’s Entrepreneurial Journey

One of the questions I asked Brely during our interview was, “are you an entrepreneur or an actor/artist?” She laughed out loud and said, I am an ENTREPRE-WHAT-YOU-NEED! We both were tickled but seriously she has done just that. In the beginning of her acting career, she was able to navigate her way through the entertainment industry without an agent or manager and on talent and faith alone managed landed quite a few significant roles. Today, Brely is a BOSS! She has purchased properties, is CEO of WaterWalkers International which host conferences, trains and mentors other entrepreneurs and whatever else her heart leads her to do. I would say, “this woman is indeed an entrepreneur!” She’s enlarging her portfolio while creating multiple streams of incomes for herself and her posterity. She has turned her passion into a paycheck on many levels.

Ambitions Premiered this Week, Brely Evans roll is relatable

Brely Evans stars as ‘Rondell Lancaster,’ the sister of Atlanta's Mayor, Evan Lancaster and owner/manager of the Thelma’s Place restaurant. As the new face of an anti-gentrification campaign, she never thought she’d become a crusader for the people, but it’s a badge she wears with pride – and nobody is removing it. [(Source:]

Anna Live private watch party of #AmbitionsOWN Premiere
Anna Live private watch party of #AmbitionsOWN Premiere

My friends and I were all waiting with bated breathe for the series premier. I hosted private watch party with a dozen ambitious female entrepreneurs.

[(watch Ambitions full version Ep.1 here)] and there were many comments like "hot and steamy", "shade slinging", "I would be slapping folks!", "melodramatic", and they are doing just too darn muchhhhh! But Brely was indeed a hit! One of the ladies made the comment, "Gurrrl, she making this show…she’s the relatable one!" Finally, at the end of the night, we voted on whether to PUMP IT or DUMP IT? Everyone agreed we need to see at least one more episode together to really determine if we would PUMP IT!

Can I turn my passion into a paycheck?

Coaching, training, workshops and tours that feed the body, mind and soul [(check out her tour coming to a city near you)] is what Brely is convinced she was born to do: “Acting is not my passion nor purpose; but through it, I engage Water Walkers. I encourage others to seek and walk in their God given purpose. She proudly proclaims "this is my calling! which gives me the power to turn my passion and purpose into a check.”

As a woman of faith committed to shining her light on others, the horizons for Brely keep expanding. For instance, as her love of African waist beads has grown, she has begun to think about how to further empower women in Ghana to create a sustainable business with those beads. Soon, a new book and a new non-profit may be in the works!

Level Up with Coach Anna McCoy

A part of leveling-up is recognizing and taking ownership of that stirring in your heart -- which you are obligated to answer. Brely knows passions are put in our hearts for a reason, so her advice is to get out of the boat and KNOW that you won’t drown! Water Walkers International assists dreamers of all ages. Want to know more? Click here to [check out her Anna Live Interview] and follow Brely for more information on all her happenings. | IG: @brelyevans



About Anna Live | Anna Live is hosted by Anna McCoy, a successful author, entrepreneur and business coach. Anna interviews everyday entrepreneurs who share their stories to level up, equip and educate other entrepreneurs.

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