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Dump the stress of a business plan and master the art of the Business Model Canvas!

Thanks for joining Coach Anna on her weekly call with spiritual entrepreneurs to inspire, educate and share tools and tips to help them grow their business.

This call focuses on the “sharing economy” and we use Uber as a case study on what a business model is and how to apply these strategies to your own ideas to gain clarity, find direction and make progress towards your goals.


Enjoy the replay: Seer Call Week 2, Understanding the Business Model Canvas

Anna Live Show on YouTube, be sure to subscribe.

Bonus: The single reason why startups succeed! This is a short 6 minute insightful video on the commonalities of successful companies!


Join us on Monday‘s at 7:30 pm CST, be sure to register to access the live Interactive Zoom Webinar.

Next Week’s call topic: Mindset: PowerThink: Kicking out the bottom of the hole!

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