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The Echoes of Feedback: A Tale of Resilience and Growth

Feedback and criticism can often be mistaken for the same thing depending on the culture we are engaged. This is a short story from my book Woman Act Now where I learned how to practice receiving criticism. It was painful but a teachable moment. Let me know your story of how you learned to receive feedback or criticism?

Welcome, brilliant one!

As Coach Anna, I'm here to share a part of my journey with you, a narrative that has profoundly shaped my understanding of feedback and personal growth. This story, one that I've held close and discussed in my book, "Woman Act Now," is not just a recollection of events; it's a lesson in empathy, resilience, and the power of self-reflection.

The tears that followed were not just of sorrow but of realization—the realization of the weight that others' words and perceptions can carry.

My transition from a high-octane, assertive sales environment to a world where emotional intelligence and relationships were paramount marked a significant turning point in my life. It was in this new, more reflective setting that I encountered one of the most challenging moments of my career.

Picture this: a roundtable, colleagues encircling, and me, the subject of a feedback session that I was not permitted to speak during. Each team member's perspective on me was a mirror that seemed to distort my reflection. "They don't know me," became the silent mantra that I clung to as each unfamiliar description was laid before me.

All I was allowed was a simple "thank you" in response, a phrase that felt inadequate against the tide of misperception.

The true test came when the room cleared, leaving me with my thoughts, the presence of my boss, and the empathetic embrace of his wife. Vulnerable yet introspective, I faced the question of how I felt about the comments. The words "they don't know me" tumbled out, a mix of defiance and a plea for understanding. The tears that followed were not just of sorrow but of realization—the realization of the weight that others' words and perceptions can carry.

This experience taught me a pivotal lesson about the essence of feedback. It's not just about the words spoken to us; it's about the reflection they offer and how we choose to interpret and act upon them.

While I couldn't control the perceptions of others, I recognized the power I had to understand, adapt, and perhaps even reshape those perceptions through my actions and responses.

As I navigated this new terrain, I learned to balance my inherent assertiveness with the newfound understanding of empathy and connection. This wasn't about losing myself to fit a mold; it was about expanding my horizon, embracing every facet of my personality, and finding harmony within this diverse spectrum.

Through sharing this story, I extend to you, my readers, an invitation.

It's an invitation to see every piece of feedback not as a judgment but as a lens through which we can view ourselves differently, understand more deeply, and grow more profoundly.

As you join me in turning the pages of "Woman Act Now," remember that every critique, every uncomfortable moment, is a step toward a more empathetic, more resilient, and wiser you. Here's to embracing feedback, to learning from it, and to allowing it to guide us on our journey to self-discovery and personal excellence.

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Yes, @Linda Wallace working with coaches Al & Hattie is life-changing; most people will hear these principles but will rarely live them out. Our experience helped us be better women and leaders to all the amazing women and men we have blessed through our journey together. 😁



A flood of memories came tumbling back as I recalled going thru a similar experience. While painful in the moment (everything inside of me wanted to defend myself and refute the perceptions, convince others that wasn't who I was). It was a lesson in humility and character development, I will never forget. I grew from the experience, grateful for the lesson and the growth that resulted. Thanks for sharing with such transparency.


Love this post on feedback! It can definitely be painful and extremely reflective, but in the end it is necessary for growth and betterment. Something I’ve learned and haven’t always liked but have learned to respect. It’s true you may not always agree nor do you have to but if you can respect it, consider it and take what in your heart you know reflects some truth what has just happened is a valuable growth session that just set you on a quantum leap forward! I’m reminded of lyrics by Micheal Jackson’s song 🎵 “I’m looking at the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways, and no message could have been any clearer. If you wan…

Replying to

Thank you Shonna for sharing your insights and great application of the “man in the mirror.” Words are powerful and can be life changing and not always for our highest good when we don’t know how to assess them, accept what may resonate and reject what does not align with who we know we are to be. Coach

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