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Become a Power Agent

A power agent is a woman who practices giving power to others.
She is committed to helping women move forward to achieve their destiny.
She does this by using these power up principles in her daily life.

Honor - She will give weight to her actions; respect and decrease at the appropriate times. She is no respecter of persons but values, honors and respects others.

Time - Time is value and what you value you give your time. This demonstrates how much worth you give a person, or thing in your life.

Presence – Practice being fully present in the moment, with others, as well as in your personal commitments to self.

Love and Gratitude – Love is to contend for the highest good to be manifested in the present moment. Choose to be grateful for your opportunities and the presence of others in your life. When you acknowledge a person as the gift that they are you will experience the value of that gift.

Retreat to Replenish – Know when to pull back to recharge with God or disconnect from others/things before you become powerless.

A power center is formed when three women come together as circles of influence for accountability, stability, and reliability. A three braided cord is not easily broken, it is collaboration, confluence, and connection.


Grab two friends, get your bracelets and the Walk Powerful Study Guide and start a power center today!

Start a


The one woman one girl bracelet is an integral part of every power center. It carries a unique message that empowers women to see their brilliance, power, and destiny. It contains eleven unique charms

with purposeful meaning.

The meaning of every charm in the bracelet can be found

in the study guide.

Power Center Pack

3 bracelets and 3 study guides


Group Study Pack

10 bracelets and 10 study guides


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