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Anna McCoy highlights Terri Burnett, the heart and soul of the Women’s Nonprofit Alliance (NPA) on Anna Live

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Today I am so proud to share the work of the amazing Terri Burnett, Ministry Coach and Founder & Executive Director of the Dallas based Women’s Nonprofit Alliance, an accredited and faith-based 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Terri has been a leader in the marketplace and ministry for over 25 years and has mentored hundreds of women to fulfill their mission. If you have a dream stirring in your heart, take heed, because executing it is closer than you think. Listen up to discover how to make your vision move forward NOW!


The Women’s Nonprofit Alliance is a national organization that helps women fulfill their desire of opening a nonprofit by providing an array of support services, resources and expert advice to help build capacity and sustainability. In my many years of traveling the world and working with women entrepreneurs, I know that it’s this type of support that often makes all the difference between a nonprofit’s success and failure.

While many women have passion and purpose, they usually lack the funding, the community support needed to launch, and/or business and financial skills. “We are the wind beneath their wings,” says Terri. “I realize lots of women do important work, but their voices aren’t always heard. I represent those women who are responsible and motivated -- but don’t necessarily possess the skill set.” Every woman can succeed when she is properly supported! This is why having your own non-profit back office makes so much sense.

One of the goals of Anna Live is to enrich the hearts of women worldwide by showing them the opportunities that exist for them. The Women’s Nonprofit Alliance ( is a perfect example of this.

However, is it right for you? Well, if you already have a nonprofit 501(c)3, but need extra support, you can join their Membership branch for a mere $25 a month! But if you’re new to this game and want to start up your own nonprofit, then the Alliance Partner Membership is a better fit; in this case, the Women’s NPA acts as a fiscal sponsor for women under their own 501(c)3 umbrella. As an Alliance Partner, you can receive tax-deductible donations; training and coaching; financial accreditation; an online donor management platform; fundraising; and social media support. To be an Alliance Partner there is an additional cost (plus, the Women’s NPA retains a percentage of donations to pay for your back office support).

If you have big dreams and want to scale and #LEVELUP, the Women’s NPA is the place to begin. Many women don’t realize that a nonprofit is still a business and should be run like one. You are an entrepreneur with a different legal business structure and often face the same challenge as business entrepreneurs. I’m passionate about connecting you to the right resources so that you can move forward with your aspirations and make our world better for it. So, if you are serious about creating your future, look no further! For more info, email or call  972.941.4462.

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