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HIGH FLYING TIMES! Austin to London, Portugal, Finland, India

One of the greatest rewards of traveling the world to empower women is meeting determined and dynamic women along the way, in every corner of our globe! Last month I was in London meeting up with Tina Allton, Head of International Expansion for EBW2020 and spent the day with her to celebrate her birthday with her and her family!

Spent the Day with Mrs. Tina Allton and her family celebrating her Birthday in London

I flew in to Portugal to meet up with fellow EBW sister Ingrid Vanderveldt, Founder of EBW2020. Together, we shared our vision for empowering a billion women by year 2020 and we were honored to partner up with Frank-Jürgen Richter, Founder & Chairman of the HORASIS Global Visions Community and our friend Brian Grimm, CEO of Religious Freedom and Business Foundation ( HORASIS invited us to speak at their event, "Bringing Faith to the Boardroom", which was an incredible platform to share stories of how faith plays a role in our personal and professional lives, our strategies and leadership styles. Often, faith is seen as an obstacle to building businesses partnerships. But, could it be an untapped tool? Could our common beliefs catalyze and help create dialogue across the world? You bet. When we show up as our whole selves, including our faith, we accomplish even more.

Flying off the high of this incredible convention in Portugal, I then flew to New Delhi to attend the 2019 Women’s Economic Forum (WEF). This event attracted over 2,000 women from 120+ countries, making it the largest ever diverse global event. It absolutely filled my heart to witness the generosity of the women there, who poured into each other. I was honored to speak on how the power of words can change our world and weave us into a community that provides a “deposit of hope” to all. I congratulate all the attendees who came from all walks of life to share their experiences!

Recipient of the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award from the Women's Economic Summit along with my Peers

Not only do I believe in the power of collaboration to create a sustainable future, but also that women are the warriors behind the creation of a new world order, where equality and growth will be the new norm. Can’t wait to share my adventures on the Anna Live show, so stay tuned! #Globetrotter #CreatingOpportunities #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen #India #Portugal #FlyingHigh #EBW2020

Finally, I must share that I ate reindeer for the first time in Helsinki, Finland and it was absolutely delicious. The best meat ever!

Reindeer, this plate was squeaky clean when I finished it!

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