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How to Bring Everything You Already Are Into Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

International Women’s Month started out with a bang! During our celebration last week, not only did I feel enlightened and empowered but it was so much fun. I am proud to announce that the EBW Foundation introduced the #WatchHerRise entrepreneur series during my Friday Live w/ Anna McCoy Facebook broadcast. I also participated as part of a panel discussing sustainable global initiatives at SXSW. And personally, I celebrated with friends, supported female entrepreneurs by shopping some Women’s Day sales, and I even caught Marvel’s new female-action hero movie Captain Marvel.

This week we will continue honoring women by highlighting two entrepreneurs during Friday Live w/Anna McCoy who are from different sides of the globe but have both realized that they did not have to look far outside of themselves in order the find the keys to their success. I’m going to be talking to Sarah, the founder of Urban Izzy, who took the mobile food truck model she saw thriving in the food industry and transformed it for the fashion industry. Named for her grandfather who ran a successful family-run business in the 1930s, Sarah adopted his vision for customer service and how to build customer loyalty into her own company. Sarah brought lessons from her family, successful ideas she saw around her, and all her knowledge and passion about fashion in order for Urban Izzy to become the first mobile boutique in Houston!

My other guest to the show this Friday will be Bidemi Mark Mordi, Nigerian author of Sista Power: Discovering the Power of Collaboration. Bidemi is the Director/CEO of Verbatim Communications Limited and also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Effectual magazine. Helping people fulfill their purpose and potential is her dream and life’s work, and she helps everyone she comes into contact with “through [her] gifting and abilities.” Bidemi has learned how to take who she is and what she has and serve the needs of her community and those around her.

Ask yourself, “When was the last time I took personal inventory?” You just might discover that what you need to achieve the success you’ve always wanted lies in tools you already have. Join us on Facebook this Friday, March 15, at 10 a.m. CST for Friday Live w/ Anna McCoy when we’ll talk to Sarah of Urban Izzy and Bidemi Mark Mordi about the keys to their success and so much more.

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