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Anna McCoy and entrepreneur Ja'el the Great talk about being perfect for your purpose!

Who is Ja'el the Great?

Anna McCoy sits with multi-talented Ja’el “The Great”, a girl whose ambitions are limitless!

Yes, you heard that right, she calls herself “The Great” -- intentionally so. “When I say I’m Ja’el The Great, I also give other permission to call themselves great,” she informs. This entrepreneur, author, actress, life coach, producer, writer and mother oozes confidence as she walks, talks and conducts her business. What are the core beliefs and values that lead her to live this way, each day?

The Interview with Anna McCoy

Watch this spirited interview between these two energetic souls as Ja’el the Great shares her journey of walking in confidence and purpose. She is talented and wears many hats, she’s an actress, producer, writer and director. She’s a professor at Spelman College and an entrepreneur. Share and support this #entrepreneur #annalive

#AnnaLive is a show to promote entrepreneurs and allow them to promote themselves while inspiring and educating others on their entrepreneurial journey.

The Filmmaker, Actor, Director, Producer, Professor Ja'el the Great

Ja’el The Great is a purpose driven soul, living in a human body. She loves to play out the many roles that she’s undertaken in this life. One of those roles is an actress who can entertain people and lighten their moods. Currently, she is editing a docu-series called “After I Do”, which depicts the lives of several married couples and their unexpected twists and turns.

Alongside teaching public speaking at Spelman College in Atlanta, I love the fact that writing, producing and directing is so important to Ja’el The Great, because it enables her to convey her vision through her special lens. For example, she recently created a powerful message about human trafficking. “We need to show that women from all backgrounds, including women of color, are victims, but also that women are helping each other tackle this monstrosity.”

What are the statistics for African Americans who are human trafficking victims?

According to National Human Trafficking Hotline data from 2017, Atlanta ranks in the top 3 cities nationwide for cities ranked by number of reported human trafficking cases per capita. Additionally, reports indicate that:

· 62% of human trafficking suspects are African American

· 52% of all juvenile prostitution arrests are African Americans

· 40 percent of victims of human trafficking are African Americans



The Speaker Ja'el the Great

She’s also a motivational speaker and life coach, bringing her message to whoever is ready to hear it: “You are perfect for your purpose. There’s no competition when you understand this. I know what is meant for you may not be meant for me and that’s OK, because even if I stumble and fall, there’s something else for me out there. Everything you do, you can never lose! You didn’t come here to be perfect, but to live life beautifully. So, just start! As you meet the right person, you’ll take the next step and you’ll get better as you go. It’s all a faith walk and nothing is wasted!

I think you’ll agree with me that Jael The Great is infectious in her encouragement of others. For more inspiration, check out If you have a script you’d like to submit, send to

#AnnaLive is a show to promote entrepreneurs and allow them to promote themselves while inspiring and educating others on their entrepreneurial journey.

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