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Power Trio, Founders of THEE Hair District talks Collaboration with Anna McCoy on #AnnaLive

Hey! It’s Anna McCoy and I’m happy to bring you a powerful trio of three young women who have bonded together in their life journeys. Today they share their struggles and successes both in the relationship arena and their entrepreneurial journey. I love seeing young women like these pursue their visions and am honored to provide #AnnaLive as a platform to promote them.

Turning What You Love Into a Check

Meet Jasmine@SpiceWatts, SHAIY@EsselJe, and AshleyNicole@HairRehabAtl!

All of them are licensed master cosmetologists with their own niche. While each started their trade when very young and are talented at “all thing’s hair”, SHAIY is a braiding expert; Jasmine weaves; and Ashley loves color.

Interestingly, they all have college degrees, and some even have advanced degrees. So why are they doing hair? As they witnessed the struggles of their own mothers, they knew they needed to create something more for themselves. Well, they did that. While building their own separate and collective brands, they worked together as a team and co-founded the Thee Hair District, a new beauty salon at the MET. The MET is known as “the cultural engine of Atlanta”, and is the ultimate hangout if you’re an artist, filmmaker, millennial or creative who is trying to fuse innovation, industry and entrepreneurship.

The ups and downs of owning a brick and mortar place has made these young women mightier and stronger. From finding contractors to tracking travel and business costs to populating their social media and exploring untapped markets, their fierceness and financial common sense has led them to great experiences.

When Life Gives You Lemons....Start A Business

And if you think they didn’t have personal struggles along the way, you’re wrong. Each of them has dealt with everything from growing up in a single-family household, their own marriages and divorces, the raising of children, financial hardships, and the development of their own lives in a space where they are constantly pushing and challenging themselves.

The theme of relationships has been a common one for the ladies. A lot of times people encourage you to GET married, but not how to STAY married. But if you’re a serial entrepreneur, will your husband or life partner allow you to grow? Will he grow with you? Will you be able to evolve together in both good and bad times? These are the questions that they have faced and continue to explore.

Visit them anytime you’re in Atlanta at 675 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Building 2018. They’re down to earth and real women with a real purpose!




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